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Resources for those interested in Islam

This is the most common website given to non-Muslims to learn about Islam. It has information on the basic tenets of Islam as well as answers to questions about sharia law and terrorism. This website is also clear and easy to navigate.

A great website with a lot of information. We recommend this website for individuals that already know a little bit about Islam.

Although the site looks outdated, the content is reliable and originally published in the book displayed on the right of the homepage. We suggest beginning at chapter 3.

This is a video by Nouman Ali khan explaining Islam to people of other faiths. Nouman Ali Khan is a teacher of Arabic and Quran.

This site provides brief and easy to understand explanations to the most commonly asked questions about Islam.  Questions of every type on a variety of topics including beliefs, extremism, modesty, democracy, women, history, marriage and more.  Easy to navigate.

An explanation of the Quran, also by Nouman Ali Khan.

Resources for New Muslims

This website provides general information on Islam and is great for non Muslims as New Muslims exploring the basic beliefs and practices of Islam.

This is a great resource for individuals trying to put Islam into their daily life. This website has information about prayer, fasting, dress, food, family and more.

For those Muslims that want to gain a better understanding of Islam and take their learning deeper, New Muslim Academy is a great resource. There are courses to improve your recitation of the prayer, learn the attributes of Allah, and much more. Be sure to check out the “courses” listed under the “courses” tab as well as “Past Courses” under the “resources” tab.

Support and Mentoring

Mentoring Academy
Great way to connect with Muslims around the world, for mentoring and support. This site was created to address the needs of Muslims globally to reconnect with their innate emotional and spiritual resilience.

Learning the Prayer

Fajr prayer (Dawn Prayer)
Step by step video of the prayer with English subtitles, transliteration, and slow Arabic.

Simple Lessons for Every Muslim
Basic information on the Oneness of God, Prayer and Ablution/Purification



A website of fiqh and rulings in Islam run by a well known scholar. You can trust the rulings given on this website.

Your community Imam
When in doubt about a website, need a ruling or have a question it is always recommended to contact the imam of your masjid. Often times they are easy to get in contact with and are happy to answer your questions. It is part of their responsibility to answer the questions of the community under them and they are happy to fulfill this responsibility. If you do not know how to contact your local imam, either your masjid or MEP representative should be able to help you.

Trusted YouTube Lecturers

Omar Suleiman
Yasmin Mogahed
Mufti Menk
Hamza Yusuf
Yasir Qadhi
Zaid Shakir
Sh Jangda

Arabic Learning


Quran Memorization

Mount Hira
This website makes memorizing the Quran easy. Videos move at your pass through each surah with audio, Arabic, transliteration, and English translation. Easy to navigate and clear, this website is highly recommended.

Further Studies

Miftaah Institute
This institute offers lectures and associate degree in Islamic Studies. Miftaah aims to preserve the practice of the Prophet ﷺ and his beloved companions by teaching sacred knowledge through traditional Islamic methods.

This website is dedicated to the 40 hadith compiled by Imam Nawawi. These hadith reflect the essence of Islam, have strong narration, and are commonly cited.

Also written by Imam Nawawi, this book (Riyad as-Salihin) is a compilation of hadith and Quran outlining Islamic values, morals, and daily life. If you are interested in reading more hadith this is a good book to start with. Everything in this book is strongly narrated and relevant to daily life.

Available on this site are all of the books of hadith however, some books include a mix of strong and weak hadith. Please do your research on any hadith you have not heard cited by a well known scholar before.

This site has college level Islamic Studies courses on fiqh, hadith, and tafseer. This website is only recommended for those that have a strong foundation in Islam. We only recommend individuals that have been practicing Islam for a few years to take these courses.


A great introductory video to tafseer (the study of the Quran).

4 Guided steps in the Quran
Social Justice in Islam
The Beginning to End