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I am a 24 year old Muslim convert. I am a black single mother of a 3 year old boy, Cameron. I come from a family of multiple religious practices, some Christian, some Jehovah Witness, some Catholic, and some without any distinct religious involvement. I am the only practicing Muslim in my entire family.
The first Islamic event that I attended was an event co-hosted by Project Unity and MEP on Belle Isle. At this event Brother Saleem Khalid gave the Khutbah. Following this event I was invited to another event, an effort to film a documentary about Muslim sisters. Featured were sisters who were born Muslim, New Muslim Converts, Sisters who had been Muslim for years, and Myself who was not yet Muslim. Again, Brother Saleem Khalid was in attendance and asked the sisters questions regarding challenges they faced as Muslim women, challenges that were anticipated by myself as someone who was interested in Islam. In addition to asking questions, Brother Saleem Khalid also answered our questions.
Following the second event I was reassured by the Khalid family that I could contact them anytime regarding any concerns or questions I had about converting to Islam. In addition to all that the Khalid family has been, I am also grateful for the efforts of MEP. I have been to classes such as Quran reading and interpretation at the Wayne State University Masjid, teachings of Islam at the Canton Mosque, and sister’s circle with sister Hasina and other sisters. I am most grateful for the development of such a great organization, and all of its’ efforts for the community.

–Marcia Jordan

I have been involved in MEP for about a year now and I am also a converted Muslim for 4 years now Alhamdulillah!
I would like to give a special thanks to MEP for dedicating all there time, effort , and support, to people who are inquiring about Islam , and to new Muslims. Overall this is an amazing program to have because there are so many individuals out there who need help in different areas in the deen and I have not yet to see anyone get denied of their needs through this program.
I have seen the brothers and sisters so involved by donating their time to help other individuals in any kind of area needed from jobs, housing, learning how to recite and perform Salah, learning prayers and Dua’s in Arabic, understanding the 5 pillars in Islam and how to apply them in your life . Being a part of MEP keeps me updated on Islamic events, lectures, fundraisers, etc..
This program has benefited me in many different areas. First I would like to mention the weekly Halaqa in Canton that I have attended has helped me get a better understanding of the life of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and why things happened the way they did.
Since I have been practicing Islam for sometime the area I need to work on is my Tajweed which is being provided by weekly sessions.
Inshallah I would like to see this program continue to grow and benefit the new Muslims to come, and to the ones volunteering their time for the sake of Allah (SWT). May the peace and blessing be upon everyone.

–Angela Consiglio

MEP has been helpful in my new life in Islam. I performed Shahada on December 3, 2012 and found that the Masjid where I took Shahada did not have instruction or guidance for women. I was referred to another Masjid who offered a women’s class once a week (which I attend) and decided that I wanted more guidance as a new convert. That’s when I went online and found the ICD website and contacted them by email. I was contacted a couple of weeks after that, and directed to MEP.

I like the fact that I receive emails about class, workshops, seminars, and other events regarding Islam. And the one-on-one mentoring is great. One of the sisters contacts me periodically to see how I’m doing and to offer help and guidance wherever needed. And we meet from time to time at her home or a café to visit.
It is a very useful to have someone to turn to for answers and guidance as a new convert and I feel that MEP is helping fill the gap.

–AishaMichelle Johnson

MEP has given me resources to learn the true meaning of Islam. The classes they hold every week have kept my iman strong in times when life pulls me away from Islam. Many times throughout this transition to Islam I’ve felt like an outsider. Often I have found myself standing in a room without a single familiar face, unsure of how to act and where to go, but MEP has welcomed me into a community and helped me to feel a part of something. This group has taken the foreign out of Islam and replaced it with a way of life that I can understand and relate to. An organization like this one is so important. This organization and the people involved have grown my love for this deen and shown me the beauty of God’s religion.

I think organizations like this one are important because often converts don’t have a support system. They’re often struggling with a family that doesn’t understand Islam and friends that don’t understand their decision. They also don’t know where to look for answers to their questions. Many turn to the internet which isn’t always reliable. This organization helps new Muslims to learn the facts about Islam so they can not only stay firm in their own beliefs, but also feel confident and knowledgeable enough to explain their decision to other people.

–Lisa Wyse